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Okay, as much as I rag on the old dub, this is pretty fucking amazing.

tfw Intro turns into Problem


Along with the Pikachu Oops! spin-off, Pokemon Center exclusive ORAS starters and legendaries (Groudon and Kyogre) plush, and ORAS starters 1:1 size plush release, the ORAS games, and the limited edition New 3DS with special Groudon/Kyogre plates officially went on pre-order today.

The Center opened up at 8:45 am (official opening time is 10 am!) When I entered at 8:45, it was fairly empty, but by the time 10 am came around, it was jam packed full of people. Also, for reasons I will never understand, the queue for simply pre-ordering the games was the same queue for the people pre-ordering the 3DS systems, which meant the line was horrendously long (roughly 3 plus hours).

More pictures coming soon!

oh my god buy me a kyogre please. i don’t ask for much. i’m getting really good grades this semester 

scatterbug replied to your post: anonymous said:I’ve noticed Mega …

metal blade is very underwhelming, but like you said, you can use them to distance, and i think megaman’s mid range and aerial game is superb, he just has trouble up close

you nailed it. mid-range is exactly how i think mega man should be played. his projectiles don’t have the range and frequency to make him threatening from a distance in the same vein as falco. they’re ideal for keeping opponents at bay 

I've noticed Mega Man's specials aren't really as fun to use as I'd hoped. Crash Bomber is okay, and Rush Coil is essential, but Metal Blade is way weaker than I thought it would be, and Leaf Shield? How the hell does Leaf Shield work?

leaf shield doesn’t work. rush coil sucks. swap rush out with beat as soon as you unlock his custom moves. metal blade and crash bomber are weak but combine them with your pellets and you’ve got some decent spacing techniques 



they actually created an animation accounting for this specific situation holy shit

smash brothers 4 has some weird neat details


when is her day off


Mega man’s air game is actually fantastic??? Like slash claw KOs at 90 and air shooter can at like 100-110


Nintendo is insane and must be stopped urged to continue doing crossover after crossover because it is starting to get hilarious.

Honestly what the hell is going on

home alone on a friday night?